Create, Read, Update, Delete - CRUD

CRUD operations on your database

You can keep your fancy OOP and SOLID acronyms - CRUD is where it's at! Create, Read, Update, Delete

Most of my time is spent getting data out of SQL server and presenting it to a razor page.

The only classes I construct are in the models folder. I have very few complex C# objects like interfaces/enumerations - I'm a quick in out guy!


Visual Studio does a great job of scaffolding your views and controllers. however it is somewhat utilitarian and limited. Scaffolding controllers and views is a great place to start as you will probably be familiar with them, they just need a tweak to make them sexy!

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Date: August 2021 last updated August 2021
Genre: SQL Linq      Author: Benny Sutton
Keywords: create read update delete crud sql linq