How to Animate Photoshop layers on your web page

Is it possible to animate Photoshop PSD for the web?

Do you want to animate all the layers in a Photoshop file to create an eye-catching animation on your home page?

Unfortunately, there's no good way. You can create videos and Flash (but don't, Flash is obsolete) from inside PhotoShop. Adobe After Effects is a better place to create animations.

PhotoShop is for bitmaps and they just don't play well with web pages. Your visitors cannot interact with them because they are not intrinsically part of the DOM, it's just a src attribute in the HTML img element. You can manipulate the opacity, but that doesn't change the image file's pixels - just the screen display.

You can't 'talk to the pixels' in any meaningful way on the client, nor is it possible on the server - even with LeadTools

The best way to display interactive graphics is using the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format.

Open your vector graphic in Illustrator and give any layers you want to animate a memorable name. Save to SVG and by magic those layers can now be addressed and manipulated with CSS properties.


If you are desperate to emulate the animation of PSD file layers for the web start with SVG.

Caveat: You can import bitmaps into SVG with a simple link attribute - and then you can layer them - but it's all a bit clunky so let me know how you get on!

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Date: August 2021 last updated August 2021
Genre: SVG      Author: Benny Sutton
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