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  1. Soundex Fuzzy logic
  2. Dropdown lists with autocomplete
  3. How to Animate Photoshop layers on your web page
  4. Null handling the smart way
  5. Can't see your CSS edits - this is why
  6. Create, Read, Update, Delete - CRUD
  7. Content Delivery Networks (CDN's)
  8. How To Embed a Codepen from a database
  9. Bundling and minification
  10. How to speed up page loads on your website globally
  11. How did I create my homepage?
  12. Why SVG is a game changer for web animation
  13. Por qué SVG es un cambio de juego
  14. Warum SVG ein Game Changer ist
  15. Obfuscate download file location
  16. Easy Cellphone emulation
  17. View content full screen
  18. Pure CSS Snackbars
  19. Pure CSS star ratings
  20. Pure CSS Flip card animation
  21. Autocomplete ActionResult
  22. Create a select list from an Enum
  23. How to update AspNetUser data
  24. Tree View the easy way
  25. Conditional LINQ queries using C#
  26. Modal login form
  27. Image zoom magnifying glass with CSS JavaScript
  28. Display an image full page
  29. mobile menu template CSS
  30. Breadcrumbs with CSS
  31. Pagination with CSS
  32. Validate URL's with JavaScript and Regex
  33. Hero Image CSS
  34. Validate email addresses with JavaScript and Regex
  35. HTML Accordian
  36. Copy text to the clipboard with JavaScript
  37. Hamburger menu icon
  38. Automatically fill HTML form fields
  39. Basic File Upload HTML
  40. Obfuscate email address JavaScript
  41. Animated sort and filter DOM elements
  42. Using JavaScript FormData for File Upload to MVC
  43. JQuery Tutorials
  44. JavaScript tutorials
  45. SVG Tutorials
  46. CSS tutorials
  47. HTML Tutorials
  48. Take the Rockstar Challenge
  49. Pure CSS Cards using GSAP Flip
  50. SVG animated VW camper van
  51. Kendo Chart for Ninjas!
  52. Kendo Grid for Ninjas!
  53. Mastering JavaScript matchMedia
  54. Build a stylish image uploader
  55. JavaScript get mouse coordinates
  56. How to Zoom or Pan an image on hover
  57. Google Map example
  58. 50 Flexbox properties
  59. Hacks: Display HTML code on a HTML page!
  60. Custom HTML Audio Player
  61. Pure CSS Tumble Animation
  62. Image Zoom quick CSS
  63. Sample Image Hover slide in Tooltip
  64. 40 custom hover text effects
  65. Clearable Input made with just CSS
  66. CSS Notification Badge in 10 lines of CSS
  67. CSS animated search input for mobile
  68. What Type of developer are you?
  69. Why I run two different versions of Visual Studio
  70. How to Read and Write Image Metadata Tutorial
  71. Convert Text to HTML (C# class)
  72. Colorize Text to HTML Tutorial
  73. Google domain ownership verification explained
  74. Quick Install of the files required for MVC
  75. Filtering and Sorting with Isotope
  76. Plesk - love it or hate it?
  77. Google XML Sitemap in MVC
  78. Google TXT Sitemap in ASP.NET
  79. Get key values from Web.Config
  80. Extension method for validating URL's
  81. Extension method for validating numbers
  82. Extension method for validating image files
  83. Extension method for validating email addresses
  84. Extension method for validating dates
  85. Extension method for validating audio files
  86. Sample Extension Methods to extend filepaths
  87. Extension method for String Concatenation
  88. Extension method for null handling strings
  89. Extension method for null handling integers
  90. Extension method for null handling Doubles
  91. Keyword extension method
  92. Get physical path to a file
  93. Extension method for DateTime.TryParse
  94. Count the number of words in a string
  95. Extension method to Trimstring
  96. Extension Method for LINQ OrderBy
  97. SEO friendly URL's made easy
  98. Extension method for conditional lambda expressions
  99. Calculate how old a date is
  100. Extension method for encoding HTML
  101. Encode safe string for JavaScript
  102. C# Extension Method Samples
  103. Decode String from HTML
  104. Convert lapsed date interval to words
  105. Using PredicateBuilder for an OR search
  106. PredicateBuilder usuage with LINQPad
  107. Google sitemap xml LINQpad
  108. LINQPad free samples
  109. Conditional queries using LINQpad
  110. Database Search algorithm
  1. How did I create my homepage animation
  2. Why SVG is a game changer for Web Animation
  3. Por qué SVG es un cambio de juego
  4. Warum SVG ein Game Changer ist
  5. Hide download file location Csharp
  6. Easy Cellphone Graphic Emulation with CSS
  7. View Web Page Full Screen
  8. Snackbars with CSS and JavaScript
  9. Pure CSS Star Ratings
  10. Pure CSS Flip Card Animation
  11. Autocomplete ActionResult Csharp
  12. Create SelectList from Enum Csharp
  13. Update AspNetUser fields Csharp
  14. Easy Tree View CSS JavaScript
  15. Conditional LINQ queries Csharp
  16. Modal Login Form
  17. Magnifying Glass With CSS JavaScript
  18. Display An Image Full Page
  19. Mobile Menu Template CSS
  20. Breadcrumbs with CSS
  21. Pagination with CSS
  22. Validate URLs with JavaScript and Regex
  23. How to create Hero Image CSS
  24. Validate Email Addresses With JavaScript and Regex
  25. Easy HTML Accordian
  26. Copy text to the clipboard with JavaScript
  27. Hamburger menu icon
  28. Test fill HTML form fields
  29. Basic HTML File Upload control
  30. Hide email address using JavaScript
  31. Animated sort and filter DOM elements with Isotope
  32. JavaScript FormData with MVC
  33. default
  34. default
  35. default
  36. default
  37. default
  38. Rockstar Challenge Animation
  39. Cards using GSAP Flip
  40. VW van animation GSAP and SVG
  41. Kendo Grid Linked to Kendo Chart
  42. Kendo Chart Demo
  43. Using JavaScript matchMedia
  44. Image Uploader
  45. Get Mouse Coordinates
  46. HTML Zoom Pan Image
  47. Google Map Implementation
  48. Flexbox Properties
  49. Display HTML code on a HTML page
  50. Custom Buttons for HTML5 Audio Player
  51. Pure CSS Tumble Animate
  52. Pure CSS Image Zoom
  53. Pure CSS Image Hover Slide in Tooltip
  54. Pure CSS custom text effects
  55. Pure CSS Clearable Input
  56. Pure CSS Notification Badge
  57. Pure CSS animated search input
  58. Types of Software developer
  59. Why Run Two Different Versions of Visual Studio
  60. Read and Write Image Metadata
  61. Convert Text to HTML
  62. Colorize Text to HTML
  63. Verify Domain Ownership to Google using Plesk
  64. MVC Required Files
  65. Isotope Filtering and Sorting Demo
  66. default
  67. Google XML Sitemap in One.Net
  68. Google Text Sitemap in ASP.Net MVC
  69. Get Key Values from Web.Config
  70. Validate URL
  71. Validate Number
  72. Validate Image File
  73. Validate Email Address
  74. Validate Date
  75. Validate Audio File
  76. System.IO.Path.GetFileName Extension Method
  77. String Concatenate
  78. Null handling Strings
  79. Null handling Integers
  80. Null handling Doubles
  81. Keyword algorithm extension method
  82. Get Physical Path To File
  83. Extension method wrap DateTime.TryParse
  84. Extension method WordCount
  85. Extension method Truncate string
  86. Extension Method OrderBy
  87. Extension Method GenerateSlug
  88. Extension Method for LINQ conditional expressions
  89. Extension method CalculateAge
  90. Encode String to HTML
  91. Encode String for JavaScript
  92. default
  93. Decode String from HTML
  94. Convert lapsed date interval to words
  95. Using PredicateBuilder for an OR search
  96. PredicateBuilder demo
  97. Google sitemap xml LINQpad
  98. default
  99. Conditional queries LINQpad
  100. Database Search algorithm