MVC install using Plesk

So, you want to add a subdomain using Plesk? All well and good but oh oh it doesn't set up MVC!

I didn't try publishing from Visual Studio, I expect that would be a good option, it's been reliable for me in the past but I wanted to keep it streamlined.

Surprisingly, there are actually very few folders and files you actually need. You don't need these folders App_Data/App_GlobalResources/App_LocalResources/App_Start/Classes/controllers/Models - why not? They all compile into your DLL (on your development machine) because they are C#

Required files

/Bin : your DLL, other 3rd party DLL's (like LINQkit) and any MVC

/ (root)  global.asax Web.config


/Views : web.config and _ViewStart.cshtml

/Views/Shared : layout pages etc

Of course, if your app has client side dependencies then you need to add them js/css but I didn't need all the bloat my main website has accumulated over the years - I can now find what I want straight away!