Ben Sutton 



C# Vb ASP.NET ASP classic MVC webforms Razor  SQL Linq SOLID JavaScript vanilla jQuery Greensock (GSAP) bootstrap CRUD AJAX Kendo JSON  HTML5/CSS3


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 the ++   (my USP's)

30 years business savvy I design monetised websites that bring in new customers, increase sales, spot and exploit new business opportunities. Ask me how I came up with one feature that added $25,000 annual sales for the company!

Creative: I've won awards all over the World for my photography and I understand the power of social. I have respectable followings on Soundcloud and YouTube for my music.

Proven SEO skills  I kept #1 underwater photo website on all SERP's for 18 years

Adobe expert: PhotoShop, Premiere, Illustrator

Cubase expert: audio recording and mastering

 Holistic Design 

Experience. It takes time to see patterns and I've seen it all in the evolution of Microsoft n-tier web technologies from 1996 to today. I've seen the rise of JavaScript frameworks and the standardisation of CSS allowing a stable browser and reliable manipulation of the DOM. I can do backend data all day long but the stuff that excites me is happening on the client side. Most recently I've discovered animation using GSAP and SVG - which I used on my personal website... 

My experience means I can join the dots between mobile and PC, google search and SEO, UI and UX, creative style and technical innovation, monetisation and content.